Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was reminded of a fun little website over at Brigid Kemmerer’s blog this morning.  It’s called Wordle, and you can enter a block of text, or your blog’s URL and get something like this: It pulls a bunch of the words off your blog and creates this “cloud” with them.

Now, you’d think it was simply a fun little thing to do, but I also found it quite eye opening.  See, the program makes the word size relative to it’s frequency.  The bigger the word, the more often it shows up in the text.  Look at mine.  What’s the biggest word on there?  Family is pretty big, so is Ford, two words that wouldn’t surprise any regular reader.  What did surprise me was the biggest word there - “JUST”.  Now, it’s not as embarrassing as if it had been “LIKE”, “UM” or “K-n’STUFF?”, but I’ve got to think of some alternatives to start using.  JUST just ain’t gonna cut it any more, I’ve just got to start using some other words.  (“JUST simply ain’t gonna cut it anymore, I must start using some other words”? Better?)

I think I’m going to have to wordle my blog every now and again and see if another repeat offender crops up.


Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness Max, I just LOVE this! ....oops just is just beginning a bit too much as well...LOL ...I am a big fan of words....I am going to check this out staight away! Often I notice many words just by glancing at my stuff and probably my own list first guessing what words will POP out most will make this even more fun! Thank you so much! JUST, no really love it!

Max said...

I just can't believe you just said that! Just because I use a word just a few times more than necessary is not just cause to get even just a little bit of ridicule out of it.
Although I am just happy that you found just another web thing to just add just a little bit more enjoyment to your internetting.

Carmi said...

This is the coolest thing. No surprise that you'd find a way to appreciate the deeper insight.

Of course, now I'm a little afraid to see what it says about me :)

I'll give it a try later and see what it comes up with. I hope the results pass muster!

Alexia said...

If you like Wordle - have you seen Tagxedo?

A Paperback Writer said...

Here's a post I did on it last year when I discovered it for the first time:

Fun, isn't it?

Max said...

Writer - yeah, I knew I'd seen it somewhere before.
Carmi - at least it'll make you more aware of the words you use over and over again. Made me rethink the use of 'just', not that I'll eliminate it, I'll just be aware when I do use it. (Like right there).
Alexia COOL! Just got back from checking out tagxedo, love it. I'm gonna have to mess with it some more tomorrow, gotta head to sleep right now and I could spend a lot of time there if I get started.

A Paperback Writer said...

The trouble for me is that I can no longer get wordle to let me download the pic as a jpeg. I was able to do that a year ago, but now all I can do is a PDF, and iPhoto doesn't like that.
I noticed you got it into a gif and Brigid got it into a jpeg, but I can't do it.

Brigid Kemmerer said...

Oooh, I really like your colors/font. That's pretty cool. I'm going to have to check out this tagxedo site next...

Thanks for the shoutout on the blog!

Max said...

I have to let ya know that I played with the jpeg in Fireworks, the colors were enhanced and the effects were added in later.