Friday, December 24, 2010

Two men and a baby.

I got this picture just as these two boys got done changing the baby’s diaper (the boy in the red is the “father”, the other one just a friend.  I’d get fired if I didn’t make it clear that this pair are not supposed to be a same-sex couple).  As soon as I saw them together with the baby the title Two Men and a Baby popped in my head, from the 1987 movie “Three Men and a Baby”.  I regret that I didn’t notice the photo-op soon enough to get a picture of them actually changing the baby, but I still like the picture.


A Paperback Writer said...

Awwww. Sort of gives you hope, doesn't it? Hope that these boys won't be parents until they're ready (preferably not for another 10 years or so), and hope that they might make good dads when they are ready.

I wish we still had those teen living classes at our school, but the home ec dept. hasn't taught them in a long while. Short of funds, I believe. Good to know your school is still doing it.

And, even though your school doesn't "pair" up couples of any gender, it's nice to see that 2 boys feel like they can tend a baby together.

Karen S. said...

As they gazed in delight at the wee little babe wrapped in, oops (just wearing snow suit)and ever so careful with her sweet little head....I enjoy seeing students with their little babes when they're out and about town too!These two will be great daddies someday!