Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trip of Death.

It seemed to be everywhere I went on my short jaunt of errands.  Old Blue has been under the cover for a couple weeks now so I decided to take it out for a drive.  As I always do, the first place I head is the do-it-yourself car wash on the corner by my house.  As I’m getting my tokens I see this notice on taped to the machines.  The manager had passed away, just a few days ago.  Now, we weren’t the best of friends, but with my classic Ford’s that need to be hand washed (old weatherstripping + automatic car wash = wet inside) we’d had a few good conversations.  He also came over to the Chevron (right across the street) often to buy smokes and a hot dog, always paying with gold dollars.  So it was kind of weird seeing that he had passed away.  Especially since he was exactly one week older than I am.

My next stop was the liquor store.   I was traveling down Highland Drive and noticed a police car in the right lane with it’s lights on, so I decided to take a right and go around the block and avoid the bottleneck.  As I turned left in front of Fairmont Park I noticed that it was completely surrounded in yellow Police Line tape and an officer was standing there patrolling the area.  I had no idea what was going on until I got to the liquor store and ran into a friend of mine who works there.   Sometime around 3:00 this afternoon the body of a woman was found in the restroom under suspicious circumstances, they have it classified as a homicide.  And this is within 7 block of my home.

Just a weird kind of night.


A Paperback Writer said...

Maybe this'd be a good time to lay off the ciggies again???

I read in the Trib. about the woman's body earlier today. Kinda freaky.

I also find the burning of the Provo Tabernacle a bit depressing. I dislike Provo and Happy Valley mentality, but that was a lovely old building with a lot of history. Shame.

Karen S. said...

That's too bad about your (Ford family friend) the manager, dying...and very horrible about the poor woman, and her unknown demise...those things are hard but especially around the holidays, for the loved ones left behind...a very sad night indeed.....

Max said...

Even though my post gets a little glib, it still is a little freaky having a murder so close to home. I haven't read the paper yet today, so I don't know who she was, but my heart goes out to her family. I just can't imagine having to deal with that, and like you said, especially this close to the holidays. It's also weird how, even though our interactions were superficial and dependent on the business we worked at, I feel like something is missing knowing he'll never ask me how my old Fords are doing again.