Saturday, December 25, 2010

Favorite number 10

Hopefully you’re not bored yet.  This one was taken at the dance the last day before the break.  It’s a total case of being in the right place at the right time, and being smart enough to always carry my camera with me.  Although I rarely photoshop my photos (especially since I use Macromedia Fireworks), I did make one adjustment to this picture, I softened the background people.  Unfortunately I had only one chance at this photo, and didn’t have the time to play with the aperture to get that good a focal point.
So here’s #10.  We’ve got a week and a half to go.


Carmi said...

What a great absolutely froze the moment at the perfect time. And I hear you re. not having the time to set everything up as you'd like. Every time I shoot a big party, I feel like crossing my fingers at the beginning and hoping I manage to bring home just one shot worth remembering. Settings? Way too much going on to be fiddling.

(And, no, your work would never bore anyone. Please keep it coming...)

Max said...

That's one of the reasons I gladly switched from film to digital. Taking hundreds of pictures with film is not only expensive but also time consuming. I can fit almost 1,000 pictures on my 4GB card, that would mean changing the roll of film about 25 times.
At events with a lot going on, like a school dance, I just keep shooting, get as many pictures as possible and hope that a few are great. It's more fun to take your time and play with the settings, but some things just don't allow for that.

Alexia said...

Great timing!
And no, I'm absolutely not bored yet. Looking forward to the next one.

I'm learning to just keep shooting too - as Max says, you can just keep 1 pic and delete the other 999. The disheartening time is when there isn't even 1 worth keeping... :(

A Paperback Writer said...

Funny stuff!

Max said...

First off - glad to hear we're not getting bored with all the pictures I'm putting up - thanks!
I know what you mean about shooting a whole ton of pictures and not getting a single good one, but ya gotta just keep going for it, because from the pictures I've seen through Thematic Photographic (anbd other places), it's well worth the trouble.

Karen S. said...

Excellent shot! Perfect timing, and I am cetainly NOT bored with your photos...and I so enjoy the usually have a way of making me smile or laugh openly with your comments....! Keep them coming!