Monday, December 27, 2010

Derelict Building

Anyone interested in adding their favorite pictures to the group, check out the link at the bottom.  Thematic Photographic is a weekly event where a theme is presented and we all pick photos that fit the theme to show our work.  (Ga-head, click it, ya know ya want ta join in da fun.)
I got this picture of a derelict building on the shore of the Great Salt Lake the evening I was taking pictures out there of the sunset.  Utah is full of these old buildings, strewn about the countryside, left to fall apart because it’s easier to just leave them there than tear them down and there’s always room here to build somewhere else.  Thanks to the Interstate and cars that can go 300 miles on a tank of gas, these stops on the road are no longer needed.  Most of the derelict buildings I’ve seen can be identified; a gas station, motel or a roadside cafe.  Stopping places lost to our 75MPH, smooth divided highways.   Not one of the three things I mentioned, I have no idea what this building was, who used it or why it is in the middle of nowhere along an unswimmable shore.  My guess is that it had something to do with the old Saltair just a couple miles down the frontage road.
I took this picture with my 500MM telephoto lens, completely oblivious to the three silhouettes standing in the doorway until I got home and saw the picture on my full screen PC.  But I love old buildings (my home will be 100 in 2012) and pictures of them, and finding the three unknown people standing in the doorway was just a bonus.  (Click on picture to get a better view)


Karen S. said...

Oh I love uncovering places like this...and wondering what could have happened there and why did everyone leave it? The bonus 3 wise-sitters, look like they are sitting on a bench maybe? But what are they looking at? There seems to be something in there? Or am I just hopeful in seeing something? Not sure why I'm such a fan of these kinds of places but I am, and I try to take as many as I find too! Very nice shot Max!

Max said...

Karen - Well put, those are the same kinds of things I like to ponder when finding those old buildings. I may have to track down some more of them in 2011.

A Paperback Writer said...

This is why people go urban exploring.

Alexia said...

Another really intriguing and interesting pic, Max.
And like Karen, I'm wondering what's on the other side of the 3 figures in the doorway - what are they looking at?

The Gearheads said...

I have been out to this building myself and I know it's purpose. I will explain more on the post you have done with the pictures of what the figures could have been looking at.