Monday, December 20, 2010

It’s who you know.

The three years I taught High School I was at a school that was a political hotbed.  The west side School Board members and the Superintendent wanted it closed.  The east side and the South Salt Lake community wanted it kept open.  One side argued enrollment was down and the facility was old and in need of an overhaul.  The other side argued that is was the second high school in the Salt Lake Valley, the namesake of our own school district and the centerpiece of the community.  On two occasions, 3 years apart, the student body walked the 13 blocks from their school to the district offices to protest the closing of their school.  the first time they won, the school was kept open, although radically changed.  The second time was futile, the school closed.
I was involved in the fight to keep the school open.  The principal created a committee that compiled statistics and anecdotal data that was eventually presented at a Board meeting.  During this time I got to know one of the sitting board members, and one of our own teachers ran for a board seat and won.
A  year after they closed the school one of them called me up and asked me if I would drive the two of them in my convertible in the South Salt Lake 4th of July parade.   I jumped at the chance.  And Mr. Gearhead jumped out of the car as we were driving in the parade (at a blistering 5 MPH) to get this picture.  Mrs. Gearhead and I are in the front seat, the two Board are sitting on the back of the car with Connie’s husband in the middle. 



A Paperback Writer said...

It might be whom you know, but it's also about owning a convertible. :)

Max said...

True. Because I wouldn't have been there if I didn't both know them and have the convertible. I don't think they would have been happy riding along hanging onto the roof rack of my Subaru.

Karen S. said...

So very cool, and that Mr. and Mrs. Gearhead were there as well! Looks like you all had great fun!

Max said...

We certainly did, it was a lot of fun. So much that I'm hoping to get the transmission of the Convertible rebuilt before the next 4th of July.