Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir.  We live in a desert, but we get a lot of snow in the mountains.  This is why we have reservoirs all over the state, capture the water before it gets to the Great Salt Lake and is undrinkable.  This one is about 45 minutes drive from Salt Lake City, right in between Park City and Heber City.  Most winters it gets cold enough that it freezes over, enough to walk on but I wouldn’t drive my car on it like they can in Wisconsin.  I took this picture in either Jan or Feb of this year, and wanted to capture the snow covered mountains and the semi-frozen over water.


Karen S. said...

This is a beautiful scene, even with the snow...although I'm becoming even less of a fan of the white stuff...more is on the way again, mixed with RAIN can you believe it?! Really looks like New Years should be spent off the roads! You do live in a most desirable kind of state, the more I follow your blog....very interesting place, love the desert idea and still snow in the mountains...the beauty of both in livable doses!

Max said...

That's why I stay here. I lived in the Boston area until I was 14, and I remember winters where there was snow on the ground from October to April. We do get a fair amount of snow even in the city here, like today some areas got as much as 12", whereas the mountains got at least a couple feet. But chances are that, unless another storm rolls through, by noon tomorrow the roads will be clear and dry and it could be up to 40F next week. The last winter I remember where the snow piled up, over several months, higher than a foot and a half was back in 1993. This is one of the reasons I stay here in Utah.