Thursday, December 23, 2010

“Physician, heal thyself” and other odds and ends from this week.

As far as I know, it’s illegal to drive without cleaning the snow off your back window.  I may be wrong, but I do know that the Highway Patrol and other safety agencies often remind people to do it.  And it just makes sense.  On the way home from school the other day I got this picture of a UTA Transit officer driving around with his back window covered with snow.  Not a good way to lead by example.

The other day we (the Chevron) had one of the paper towel dispensers at the gas pumps stolen.  First time in all the time I’ve worked there and I just had to wonder what kind of home decor would that look good in?

Note to cab drivers:  If you need to take a 40 minute snooze, don’t do it in the parking spot right at the front doors.   There aren’t that many and the customers that come would really appreciate not having to park at the other end of the lot.

And finally, a couple of friends and I have been meeting at a bar/restaurant in Sugarhouse about once a week for the last 6 months.  We used to go to a different place every week, but decided we wanted to become ‘regulars’ at this place.  (Inspired by the 80’s series “Cheers”)   This week we made it.  I was there before the other two, got seated and when the waitress showed with our waters and asked me if I wanted something to drink, the diet Pepsi with lemon slice was already on her tray.  Score!  We’re not to the point, yet, where everyone yells “STEVE” when I walk in the door, but maybe in a couple more years?


A Paperback Writer said...

The restaurant story is cute. :) Good for you.

Karen S. said...

just a trait of a wise server and one to hang on to! great photos and story lines thanks! Oh and your top one, it's a big no-no in our town for sure...but people do it all the's like seeing a snowbank travel down the road...and lately the stuff that flys off has been icy! Ouch! and bad for the receiving windows!