Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life Lesson #MCMLX – Teacher probably knows that brand new camera you’re selling for $20 might be stolen.

One of my students asked me today if I wanted to buy his camera.  Since I don’t need another camera, and the one I want runs around $800, I politely declined.  But, he’s a salesman and he continued the pitch pointing out that it’s brand new and for a $20 bill he’ll let me have it.  DING!  Rang a little warning bell in my head.  So I casually ask “So, is it stolen?”  Um, uh, no.  “Is is yours?”  Um, uh, no.  “So, whose is it?”  Um, uh, I’m selling it for a friend.  “Let me see it.”  Um, uh, it’s in my locker, I’ll go get it if you are going to buy it.

No thanks, that’s all the information I need.

2 hours later, after I informed the Vice-Principal, the school officer comes to ask me about the conversation, for his report.  They found the camera in the kids locker, it was brand new and worth around $250.

Hmmm, maybe he shouldn’t have tried to sell stolen goods to his teacher,  ya think?

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A Paperback Writer said...

Kids can be so dumb. Glad you nailed him; maybe he'll think twice before doing something stupid next time. (Or maybe you'll hear his name on one of those America's Dumbest Criminals in a year or two.)