Sunday, December 12, 2010

Couple of things that struck me on the way home from Home Depot.

Ever wonder why a Mini is called a Mini.  Maybe this’ll help:And, could there be a front bearing down on the Salt Lake Valley?
Ya think?


A Paperback Writer said...

It sure is warm out there right now. I've got most of my windows open, upstairs and down, to let in some fresh air, but the temperature in the house has only dropped one degree in the hour they've been open.

Max said...

No kidding, according to my car thermometer, it's 54°F out there right now (3:27 PM). I've got my windows open too, waaay too nice out there right now!

Karen S. said...

Oh I envy you for having such beautiful weather! Our town is still digging out of a mess of snow and you'd think we were living in a deep freeze! Our Metro Dome couldn't take all the snow and at about 5:00 am this morning snow came tumbling down onto the football field that never saw Sunday's game......there are still many snowbanked cars and they haven't rescued a good many other vehicles that drove off the roadways! Enjoy your day!