Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to spread a big fat lie.

A chain letter that originally started as a text has made it’s way onto Facebook.  I’ve commented about how I hate those “if you don’t pass this on…” emails (and now texts and Facebook posts) and how even if I like their message, I remove that part before sending it on.

It annoys me.  It’s a flat out threat, calculated to scare people into passing on the originator’s point of view, or in this case a bold faced lie.

A lot of times it’s a way for someone to insure a cause they believe in gets out there.  I this case, since the information being spread is an irrelevant false statistic, I think it’s just some moron out there that gets off on manipulating people.

Duhn, duhn, da!

Guess I’m going to have a bad week.  Or not.


Karen S. said...

I say not! If I had a magic wand you'd know for sure I'm right! Ha! Ha! But I see a great week ahead for you! :)

Max Sartin said...

Thank you, your want trumps their threat, thanks for lifting the curse!