Thursday, June 21, 2012

You’ve GOT to be kidding!

Since the introduction of the Cayenne, I’ve said it I thought it was ridiculous for Porsche to sell an SUV.  I know that the market for these vehicles is huge, and you almost can’t blame them for grabbing their share.  But it seems to be a sell out for a company that made it’s name producing nothing but high performance sports cars.  As bad as Cadillac and Lincoln selling pickup trucks.  Or Jeep selling 2 wheel drive passenger cars.

Now I find out that Maserati is going to join in the sell out.  They are planning the debut of the currently named Kubang, which they are going to produce and sell with another name in 2014.

To add insult to injury, they are literally going to take a Jeep Grand Wagoneer and put their own skin on it and engine in it.

What happened to doing one thing and doing it right.  A truck was a truck, not luxury cars with a bed.  A Porsche was a sports car and Jeep put all their effort into making awesome 4 wheel drives.

And people wonder why the newest car I own is a 1978 model.


Lisa Shafer said...

I've always thought the Cadillac SUV was incredibly stupid.
But I also thought those dinky little VW pick ups were dumb, too.
Maybe Jeep will make a luxury car. Or maybe they already have.

Max Sartin said...

Jeep hasn't made a luxury car yet, but they do make a 2 wheel drive "crossover", which is halfway between an SUV and a station wagon. Crossovers - another case of trying to be two things at once and not really doing either of them really well.

Lisa Shafer said...

El Camino = the worst crossover ever.

Max Sartin said...

Oh yeah, the El Camino. The vehicular version of a mullet.

Karen S. said...

It seems it's all about the money, and things that sell. All those tricky dogs are pushing their market on us, no matter what they have to do. It's the fight for the top dog spot. Consumers? Do they care about any of us? Not really. They just want our money period these days. It's like needing a telephone when your cell phone goes on vacation. Have you tried finding a public phone lately?????

Carmi Levy said...

Car companies will sell whatever crap people demand, even if it makes no sense. It amazes me how little research buyers do when purchasing a car, how little they know about the engineering of a vehicle that, in many cases, can cost more than a year's salary.

I think you've chosen the list of dubious vehicles well. The Mark LT was particularly egregious: an F-150 with a carpeted bed, at $15,000 more. Yup, a few morons took the bait.

Max Sartin said...

And, at least in Utah, the Cadillac Escalade (in both pickup truck and SUV version) are a real hot seller.