Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 1 accomplishments.

  1. Fixed Old Blue – pretty simple.  The clanking in the rear end was because I forgot to fully tighten down the lug nuts on the back tire.  easy fix – just tightened them down.
  2. Repainted the front porch.  Started out a dark redwood color.   Way too hot.  Wanted a nice green.  turned out to be a bright mint green.  Third color worked, a off-white cream color.  Matches the accent on the sides of the house.
  3. Finished a video for my dad’s online math class.
  4. Moved the rest of the stuff out of my old classroom into the new one.
  5. Slept a lot, watched Criminal Minds on DVD a lot.

1 comment:

Lisa Shafer said...

Do show us pics of the new paint!