Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ah’m Skeered.

“If you don’t repost this, your worst week starts now.”

That’s what I read in a Facebook post 7 days ago.

Despite not reposting any part of it other than the threat of a terrible week, since then:

  • A major grinding sound in the rear end of Old Blue turned out to be just loose lug nuts.
  • The charging problem on Big Green was the 5 minute job of replacing the $20 regulator (I did it in the parts store parking lot), not the hour it would take to put in a new $50 alternator.
  • I picked up some extra work on an online concurrent-enrollment math class, at $50 an hour.

  • While at the meeting at the University of Utah for the math class work, my parking meter ran out of time 2 hours before I got out there.  I said something about having to run out there about 15 minutes after my hour was up and we all joked “Ah, the ticket’s already there.”  But when I got out there, my windshield was ticket free.  Anyone who has dealt with the U of U parking knows that’s not luck, that’s a miracle.
  • A good friend from my last school just dropped by out of the blue and we had a great afternoon catching up.
  • No major injuries were incurred when I fixed my broken clothes washer, at no cost.
  • The house didn’t burn down, the car didn’t leave me stranded out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, I didn’t get robbed or in a car crash or have to visit the emergency room for any reason.

As my grandma Ida would have said; “I should have more worst weeks like this.” 


Lisa Shafer said...

Whoa. No ticket at the U.? THAT is truly amazing.

Max Sartin said...

I know. They're not known as the "Vulture Squad" for nothing. I can only remember one other time that I parked illegally and didn't get a ticket. It was in 1979, I was late for a philosophy class I was taking with my older brother and parked my car on the grass, right in front of the building, between it and the sidewalk. I was amazed I didn't get towed, let alone ticketed, but then realized my car was a brand new little white station wagon, very similar to the vehicles that the university maintenance used. I figured that they assumed it was a maintenance vehicle that they just bought and hadn't had the chance to put the official maintenance emblems on the doors yet.