Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gil Grissom, where are you?

It looked like a crime scene.  Cut on the left wrist, chunk missing between the pinky and ring finger on the right hand, scratches up and down both arms and blood all over the floor.

Was it murder?  Was it suicide?

Nope, just me fixing my clothes washer.

The filter was clogged, and it wasn’t designed for easy cleaning.  Inside the washer, underneath the drum and I had to remove the water pump to get to it.

Did you know that there a whole lot of sharp edges inside one of those front loading washers?  I do, now.

The good news is that the washer is working great, I’m all cleaned up and the bleeding is stopped, although some people may wonder about my wrist being wrapped.


Lisa Shafer said...

Battle scars. :)

Max Sartin said...

Yup. I've accumulated a few over the years.

Alexia said...

Funny! I know it wasn't for you, but you make it entertaining to read!

I'm glad you're spending your holiday time profitably... :D