Friday, June 08, 2012

Just some evening pictures.

It’s been about 8 years since I’ve been without a second job.  So, I’m not used to having the entire summer to myself.  It’s nice, but I do remember, and am rediscovering, that it is too easy to do literally nothing with all this free time.

I’ve taken this first week pretty easy, spent a lot of time just watching my DVDs.  I’ve worked on the car, started repainting the front deck and taken some photos.

Here are a few that I took last night.

Sunset behind the First Baptist Church on the corner of 1300 East and 800 South.

Relay towers on the top of the mountain north of the Capitol Building.

The sunset again.

I have no idea what a school bus was doing out and about this late at night, but this one broke down right in front of the East High School parking lot.

More sunset from the same spot.

Looking directly west, out over the city and the Great Salt Lake.

If you’ve seen any of the High School Musical movies, you’ve probably seen this clock.  And since it’s not the original clock that sat atop the original 1913 building (the one that I went to), that’s the actual time I was out there.

Looking west, at the intersection of 13th East and 8th South.


Lisa Shafer said...

Of course, while I went to school there, the clock never worked. :)
Lovely photos. I've posted a far less lovely one over on my blog.
Once I get feeling better, we have to go do a photo shoot together again. Those are always fun.

Max Sartin said...

Photo Shoot - definitely! Let me know when you're feeling up to it.

Alexia said...

Well, we are benefitting from your "extra" spare time - you're putting up entertaining posts (love the sparring cooler/heater) and lots of great pics!