Friday, June 08, 2012

Thrice Natural

I wasn’t expecting to do a third Thematic Photographic, but this one literally showed up at my doorstep.

I saw a duck and her ducklings, sitting in the driveway as I was heading out to Home Depot.

So I stopped to get some pictures.

Things were going fine, got some good pictures.

They let me get pretty close.

And then Denny decided to crash the party.

Now I know cats are cats.  Mine are not declawed and I let them go in and out through their cat door at will.  I don’t even give them trouble when they come in with a “present” for me.  But the couple of times they brought in unharmed birds I did get it away from them and (eventually) get it out the door, and I’m certainly not going to let them hunt right in front of me.

So I brought Alan back into the house and encouraged the ducks to leave.

I had to get right on top of them to get them going.

But they finally headed to the end of the driveway,

and down the sidewalk.

Past the neighbor’s house and

into the tall grass in the parking strip.

Bye, bye birdies.



Update : 12:08 PM

Strange things are afoot at the house of Max.  Click HERE to see what happened next.


Lisa Shafer said...

You'd think, though, that mama ducky would've had enough sense to move the little ones when the cat showed up. Humans they may be used to, but cats are trouble for ducks, and ducks ought to know that.

Max Sartin said...

Actually, I was also surprised she didn't sense the cat. I didn't let the cat get too close, but still, ducks are supposed to know these things.

Lisa Shafer said...

Of course the hens in the yard on one side of me are completely oblivious to the cats in the yard on the other side of me. Duh.
The chicken neighbors think their hens are safe because they also have dogs, but I'm willing to be that one of those cats is going to figure out a way to get a nice chicken dinner eventually.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, people are mistaken in the belief that all cats are deathly afraid of all dogs. Not so. I've seen a regular sized cat sent a Siberian Husky running with it's tail between it's legs. (One swift slash across the nose did it). If the cats realize the chickens are there, they will find a way.