Thursday, June 07, 2012

Swamp Cooler vs. Heater

One of the problems with the swamp cooler system is that it is completely separate from the heating system.  They have no idea when each other is on.

So, if I spend the morning up on the roof cleaning up and tightening everything on the swamp cooler to get it in tip-top condition, and turn it on without turning off the heater, voila – the heat comes on while the cooler is on.

Yup.  I did that today.

Fortunately I was home, in the house, and turned it off immediately.  It’s happened before, when I’ve gone out to run errands just to come home to a split-personality home fighting itself.


Karen S. said...

They look perfectly fit for the ring! Are you taking bets on who the best one is?!!!

Max Sartin said...

Actually, I think they'd both win, I'd be the loser, having to pay the electric and gas bills.

Karen S. said...

You're probably right! But just the look of them, in their little boxing gloves still have me smiling!

Max Sartin said...

Glad it made you smile.