Thursday, April 07, 2011

A window looks both in and out.

I have a habit of taking pictures through the windshield when on road trips or just out taking pictures.  Often I do this when I’m driving, and just want to assure everyone that I’m not looking through the viewfinder, weaving in and out of traffic, trying to get the perfect picture.  I pretty much just hold the camera up out of my view of the road, point it out the window and take indiscriminant pictures, just hoping that I get something worthwhile.  And sometimes I do.  Here is the first batch I found.  Some are worthy of posting, some may not be, but still I like them because they are of my past.
Circa 1978, looking east up 2100 South, right around 2300 East.  I plan on spending some time this summer taking “now” pictures of a lot of these older Salt Lake scenes.
1978.  Looking west from somewhere on the east bench.
1978.  Looking south on Main Street from above North Temple Street.  You can see the LDS Temple on the right hand side, and what was then the Hotel Utah on the left.
1978.  Looking westward on South Temple towards downtown.
Recent (2002ish).  Close to the save view as the previous picture.
No idea when, but I do know it was heading south on I-15, seven miles out of Beaver and 61 miles from Cedar City.
2003ish.  Can you find the gorilla that is attacking Sugarhouse?  This is heading east on I-80 just about to cross over 7th East.
The corner of 13th South and 11th East.  On the right hand side is the old Dairy Queen, a favorite spot for us back in high school.  They closed down sometime in the 80’s and the building has been vacant ever since.  “Back of Beyond Ranch” is what my brothers and I call out property up in Duchesne.  It comes from the book “Monkey Wrench Gang” by Edward Abbey.
Back in the 80’s, driving east on I-80 just past 1300 East. 
I still don’t know why they were there, but I caught this picture of a line of busses on the side of the road in front of the park by my house.
Clouds on my way home when I was teaching at Writer’s school.
Just this winter I took this picture while driving down Emigration Canyon, historically the canyon the the LDS pioneers came down with Brigham Young when they came to the valley.
Up at the University of Utah, the road (with light rail) between the Stadium where the 2002 Olympic opening ceremonies took place and the old track building.
Waiting for Trax to go through, up at the University also.


A Paperback Writer said...

I can explain the buses. Look at the date. It was right in the middle of the 2002Winter Olympics and that park was the bus turn-around/drop off point for everything anywhere near the Rice Eccles stadium.

Karen S. said...

Thanks Max what a cool tour of your little town, actually not that little, and 7 eleven store!!! Haven't seen one of those in years...the best slurpees ever! I really enjoy these old streets scenes...the long street is awesome too....oh the long and winding road of post...I look forward to some more snap out the window photos!

Max said...

Writer - I guess I forgot that Sugarhouse Park was a hub for public transportation during the Olympics. Makes sense because of it's proximity to the University of Utah and I-80.
Karen - 7-elevens are still alive and thriving in Salt Lake, so if you ever are really craving a slurpee you're welcome to come visit.

Anonymous said...

Love this roadtrip down memory lane, viewed through the windshield of your vehicle(s).

So much changes and yet so much stays the same.

Alexia said...

Really interesting to see these pics of places around your town! I never have much luck shooting through windows, but these have made me determined to keep trying.

I look forward to seeing the 'then and now' series when you post it. :)

Max said...

Alexia - I'll let ya know. We have a week off for Spring Break 7 days from today, I'm thinking about using that time for the now-and-then shots.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Those are fun pix! I really like the "then" and "now" type shots, too. Good to know I'm not the only one who just holds the camera up, holds down the shutter to auto focus, and clicks. LOL!! With my point & shoot anyway.

Thanks for dropping by. :D

Max said...

Diane Thanks, same back at ya - it's nice to know I'm also not the only one that takes pictures that way.
As for dropping by - that's half the fun of Carmi's T.P. - seeing all the pictures other people come up with. thanks for sharing it.

Bob Scotney said...

You must have a very steady hand to take pictures like this while driving or even being driven by someone else. I shall have to try this sometime.

PJ said...

Love the gorilla attacking the sugar factory, can't help but giggle! Someone had a great imagination to pull that off. Road trips are such fun, even in the day to day of it all.

As I leave this comment the cat peering through the window in the background of your blog fits right in with the theme for the week. Purr-fect.

Max said...

PJ - The sugar factory is long gone, not sure exactly how long ago, but there are still remnants of it's foundation in one of the parks nearby. But the name lives on, Sugarhouse is what we call this part of Salt Lake City.