Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Jury Duty

I swore I mentioned that I had been called for jury duty in an earlier post, but couldn’t find it.  Oh well.  I was.  And this week was my week to show up.  So, since last Friday, I have been calling every evening after 5:00 PM to see if I need to show up in the morning.  Here’s the responses so far:

  • Friday (for Monday) : No jurors needed.
  • Monday (for Tue) : Jurors #001 through 052 need to show up at 8:15 in the morning.
  • Tue: Jurors #053 through 168.

I figured that since the number called was increasing every day that they would certainly go beyond my #287.  I got everything in my classroom ready, informed the main secretary that I was pretty sure I would be out tomorrow and locked away all the valuables that kids tend to get into when I have a substitute (pencils, pens, markers, diet coke, paper, tennis balls, golf balls, other various toys. Y’know, real valuables).

  • Wed: Jurors #169 through 192.

Not a lot of crime in Salt Lake City right now I guess.  Now, I’m not even sure I’ll be called on Friday.  Heh, we’ll see.


A Paperback Writer said...

I always lock up the hall passes, my grade book, and my lesson planning book. Don't want those to disappear.

You've been "gone" for so long, I thought for sure you'd had jury duty for days now.
And what's up with the building next to Chevron? I drove past yesterday and wham! Half of it was gone. I had no clue it was going down. It wasn't even old.
Do you know why they're demolishing it?

Max said...

Holy crapola, by now it's probably completely down. Yeah, we've known about it for a while now. Westminster College bought the property and are going to build a dorm for the school there. It was supposed to come down last August, but there was debate on property lines. They wanted some of the Chevron's property, and there was debate about how much property we'd get in return. The papers were finally signed last week.

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, well, once they got the paperwork done, they didn't waste any time, did they? Whoosh. And it's down.

Anonymous said...

I had jury duty for the month of February and was thrilled to discover that my juror number was (I kid you not) 1035.

I started getting worried when they began calling us into the courthouse in shifts. Waves of 150 at a pop adds up pretty quickly. I didn't end up getting called in, though.

Max said...

Titanium - A month? Whoa, that's a long time to be on hold. Mine only lasted a week, and that was chaotic enough not knowing day to day if I was going to be called in.