Saturday, April 16, 2011

Treedom, Freedom

Freedom for me is the property my brothers and I own up by Duchesne (Dew-shane).  And there are a bunch of trees there.  Trees take a long time to grow in the desert, even up the side of a mountain.  We have some pretty big trees that must be years and years old.  We’ve got some pretty new trees that I’ve watched grow over the 15 years we’ve owned the property.  We’ve also got a lot, quite a lot, of downed trees that were felled during the days the property was used for logging purposes.  Or ones that just died of age or lack of water.  Either way, we figure there’s enough dead wood on our property that we could burn a fire 24/7 for the rest of our lives and never consume all the wood.  So that’s my first picture; Trees are good for: firewood.
Trees are good for (if you can call it good): wildfires.
Trees are good for: looking cozy in the fog.
Trees are good for: surrounding your bathtub so (theoretically) no one can see nekked in there.
Trees are good for: climbing.
Trees are good for: attracting lightning.
Trees are good for: hiding in.


Karen S. said...

Don't laugh at me Max, but I would love to relax, (really bathing) in that old clawed footed tub surrounded by nature...what a view...this is what tree freedom and peace-dom is all about....don't ever forget the marshmallows...not the low fat ones either! Cool treedom Max! I always enjoy photos from your land!

Max said...

I won't laugh, we actually used to use the tub every summer. We have four 55 gallon drums of water up on the hill that we gravity feed into the tub. It is an great sitting there on a hot day in a tub of cool water, looking out over the mountains. We stopped using it because the little cabin we built looks right down on it. We hope to move it to a more private place and start using it again.

A Paperback Writer said...

Very nice. Makes me feel even more stir crazy than I have been already.

Bob Scotney said...

Tremendous pictures,Max. Do I have to bring a towel?

Max said...

Bob - Nah, we supply the towels. And if not, it's so dry there in the summer, you'll won't need a towel by the time you get back up to the camp.

On My Soapbox said...

That last photo made me catch my breath!

Max said...

Soapbox - beautiful animals, aren't they? When I first moved to Salt Lake we lived on the east bench, where the deer would come down in the winter to forage for food. I've seen them prancing (and unless they are scared, they prance) down the street right in front of my house. There has been a debate in our city about what to do about them, some people are furious when the deer get to their plants. Others, like me, feel that since we invaded their habitat, we need to make allowances for them. And if that means paying to replace plants every spring, so be it.

Jax said...

I love your take on this - especially 'so no one can see nekked in there'. Bravo!