Thursday, April 21, 2011

1983 all over again.

If it warms up quickly we will have floods the like of which prompted then Governor Scott Matheson to say to the press “It’s a hellova way to run a desert.”

I went over to Sugarhouse Park yesterday and got a few pictures of the pond, which is several feet above it’s banks right now.  To this first picture I just have to say “No kidding?” (Click on it to see what the sign says):

I took this picture in June of 2008, the water just reaches the path around it, like it’s supposed to be:

Here is the mouth of the creek that runs through the park and into the pond, taken yesterday:

Here it is back in 2009, when the water level was lower than usual:

This bench along the side of the pond actually sits outside, and on a platform a little above, the path around the pond:

These last two I took as the sun was setting and thought “Hmmm, crop them right and they’d look like opening pictures on “CSI Miami”.

So, as bad as I want the warm weather to get here soon, I do hope that the weather warms up slowly.  That way the snowpack, which is around 150% of normal, will have time to melt off without overloading the rivers and streams that go through the cities along the Wasatch Front.

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