Saturday, April 30, 2011

No mention of the half inch of snow on the ground this morning.

Boredom breeds creativity.  For me at least.  We had an auditorium rental at the school last night and I got to run the lights and sound for it.  Not a hard job; turn the stage lights on, turn the house lights down when ready and turn on the microphone every time somebody walked up to it, which was a whole 4 times in the 2 hours.  It was a performance by the Taylorsville City Symphony, so they only needed to be lit up and have a mic to introduce the pieces.
They were pretty good, I actually enjoyed the music, but I did get a little bored waiting for them to show up and while they were setting and warming up.
So what did I do?  Why, pulled out the camera and played with it.  Here’s some of the pictures that grew out of that boredom.
A shot of the auditorium, lit by nothing but the emergency lighting.
Emergency lighting on stairs in the balcony.
Not a futuristic city from some sci-fi movie, just looking level at the knobs on the soundboard.
Lights on the soundboard.  This one caught my eye because I had just finished inputting the data from my benchmark tests.  Every term we give the kids a pre test at the beginning and a post test at the end, and compare how much they learned.
More colorful knobs on the soundboard.  I took a couple pictures like these of the light board, but it’s knobs are flatter and monochromatic.  None of the pictures came out interesting to me.
This button is for the microphone.  When I took this picture I thought “Hmm, how much easier would teaching be if I had one of these buttons for each student?”
And finally, the symphony.


The English Teacher said...

Mute button for each kid! LOL!

Love the stair lights and the first pic of the soundboard. Nice photos. You need to be bored more often.

Karen S. said...

What a great way to cure boredom! My favorite photo are the lights on the stairs...very cool and but of course the last live action shot...and what a great stage! Thanks, Max!

Max said...

Well, I was afraid that all I'd get was "What?". Thanks for the comments and compliments, glad to see that it's not just me that likes these pictures.