Saturday, April 16, 2011

One small step for feline…

First I want to start out with – No, this blog will not become just one big ode to the cats.  These two cat posts came about because today was the first day of Spring Break for me, and the day I decided I’d let the cats out of the house for the first time.
The plan worked perfectly.  I unblocked the outer cat door and then just went outside to do some work on the car.  It took about 30 minutes before Alan finally realized there was a new thing to discover and started poking at the door.
We had a few false starts, poke the head out, pull it back in, ohhhh, it’s big and scary out there, but I just gotta see how big and scary it really is.  Finally after about 5 minutes of this game he stuck his first paw on Terra Firma.
It was another half hour or so before Alan realized big brother (I discovered watching them outside that Denny is bigger than Alan.  Not a whole lot, but enough to be noticeable) was missing and figure out where he may have gone.
They immediately went to stalking some unknown creature that only they saw.  Might have been just a leaf in the wind, but they certainly looked serious.
Then Alan had to take a nap.  After all, he had been outside a whole half longer than Denny.
And finally go back for a little more stalking.
This was all somewhere between noon and 2:00, it’s now 5:00.  My biggest fear was that they would get turned around and not be able to figure out how to get back in the house.  This doesn’t seem to be a problem, I’ve seen them several times out in the front yard, and then back inside the house.  It’s obvious they know how to get back in, which is what I had hoped for when I let them discover their door rather than bringing just them outside.


A Paperback Writer Photos said...

Ah, the wise teacher can even teach the kitties. Nice.

Karen S. said...

Hey Max why not? I love all kitties and doggies and anything that speaks animal! Face it, most of them really have the great life don't they?....your kitties have a very cool place to discover new and exciting things can post their photos everyday! ;)

Max said...

Animals are great, I can't imagine living without some pet roaming around the house. Rest assured, there will be more pictures of them on here now and again.