Saturday, April 16, 2011


These guys are getting HUGE!  They are already bigger than my last cat ever got, and they are not even 6 months old yet.  Holy cow, I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about any neighborhood cats wandering into the house through the cat door.  With two of them, as big as they are going to be, they will make no bones about letting any other feline know this is their territory.
Anyways, they are still kittens, and as such are getting into everything.  Here are some pictures of the crazy things that I have caught them doing.
This isn’t all that crazy, but this is one of them gazing out my front window watching the birds go by.  I think it’s Alan, but without being able to see the nose I can’t be positive.
This is Denny, lounging in the dish rack.  I think he has a thing for dishes.
Here’s the two of them in a fruit crate.  It’s only about a foot by a foot, I really don’t think the two of them could fit into it anymore.
I can’t tell if Alan is reading about the people hoping to take over retiring Senator Buttars seat, or if he’s looking for a good used car, but he seems to like the newspaper.
Denny, in the background, looks kind of pissed.  The two of them still like to sleep on top of the fridge, using my old camera case as a bed.
Denny is trying to pull down a helium balloon I let go in the house.
Cats love paper bags.  They just need to know what is inside, and the one left outside just has to attack movements inside the bag.
Ohhh, tons of newspaper!  Here they are rummaging around in my recycle bin one day when I was cleaning the house. 
Um, seriously, aren’t you guys supposed to be afraid of water?  Guess not, they were playing in the sink right after I got done doing dishes.
Denny again, taking a nap on the dishwasher door.
Well, tomorrow they get to meet the great outdoors.  I’m sure to get some more good pictures of them, and you are bound to see them on here.  Right now, though, it’s time for me to go to bed. 

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