Friday, April 29, 2011

He who laughs last..

Ok, so the laugh’s on me. (You should read the post right before this for this to make better sense).

I woke up this morning, flipped on the TV, tuned to my favorite morning news show (the lesser of all the vacuous evils) and prepared to lay down on the couch, coffee cup in hand and enjoy my usual morning routine.

Not so much.  My favorite station happens to be the one televising the royal wedding live.  Lucky me.

But I did find out one interesting thing as I was watching it to see if it was just a segment on the news.  I tuned in just as the bride and groom were showing up.  First glimpse of the royal party.

Which means that all those who got up at 2 AM lost those 3+ hours of sleep for the sake of preliminary activity.  I got my usual sleep and could be watching the good part right now if I wanted to.

Who did get the last laugh?


Karen S. said...

Me! knowing all my co-workers later today ..well not all of them the men had much more of a sensible approach to this entire wedding thing..well except for one, but while they will be oh so sleepy...I won't...because really folks why not wait for it to be aired later....!

The English Teacher said...

My thoughts on the whole thing:
1) Nice, but Diana was prettier - prettier dress, too.
2) Best photo is the one of the kiss with the three-year-old pulling a face and covering her ears in the foreground.
3) I was in England when Charles and Di got married. I was 16 and thought it was pretty cool. I was in Scotland when Charles and Camilla got married. No one cared.
4) I got all the info I needed by glancing at yahoo a couple of times today.

Max said...

Karen - Exactly. For those people interested, there will certainly be enough avenues to view the entire thing at a more awake time.
English - I was in my early 20's for the Charles & Di wedding, not much interested in that one either. But at least back then I could understand staying up to see it. Before the internet you were at the mercy of whatever cutting the news did on the replays.