Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bring it on.

I’ve been fighting a cold for the last couple days, still am, so I didn’t expect last night working at the Chevron to be a very good night.  Well, despite feeling like crap, it turned out to be a good night, since when I got there I had an envelope with a $100 bill in it.

See, there are huge fines attached to both employee and employer when someone is caught selling either tobacco or alcohol to a minor.  So at my Chevron we get a little reward when we pass a tobacco or alcohol sting, and since I was the one that refused to sell smokes to a minor I got a $100 bonus.

Where to spend it gave me something to think about as I lay in bed all day today nursing this stupid spring cold.  And now I have to go call and see if I have to show up for Jury duty Monday morning…

P.S. – I don’t need to show up at court Monday morning.  I do have to check again that night to see about the next morning.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Pity we don't get bonuses for all the times we catch kids smoking.
Glad you got a nice surprise.