Friday, April 08, 2011


Just imagine coming out of your home office, into the kitchen/living/dining area to the smell of burning wood.  A little disconcerting, no?
That happened to me just last night.  I grabbed the fire extinguisher and sniffed around the house.  No smell in the bedroom area.  Not out on the back porch or in the basement.  Just in the main part of the house, and especially strong in the kitchen.  Especially worrisome since I did all the wiring in there myself.  There I am feeling all the walls, the cabinets and the ceiling to see if they are hot.  Nothing.  I sniff under the stove, the cabinets and finally under the dishwasher.  Nothing obvious.
I open up the dishwasher, get hit in the face with a blast of hot steam and a really strong smell of burning wood.   I pulled the racks out and down at the bottom, sitting on the heating element I found this wooden spoon.
I guess I going to have to reconsider washing them by hand from now on.


Anonymous said...

Whoa!! I had no idea that a dishwasher could do that to a wooden spoon. Good to know.

Alexia said...

What a relief! I have had a similar experience Max - with a small plastic dish which had fallen through the rack onto the element. The smell was revolting.

A Paperback Writer said...

Bizarre. One generally does not imagine something catching on fire while going through the pots and pans cycle. Just weird.
And I've long known you're supposed to hand wash wooden spoons, but this is the first time I've ever heard THIS reason! (Normally it's to extend the spoon's life by not allowing it to get waterlogged.)

Max said...

Titanium - I never would have thought about it either, until I pulled the burnt spoon out of there. I'm just glad it didn't actually break out into flames or anything, then I would have had to wash the dishes all over again after spraying them with the fire extinguisher.
Alexia - I have to admit, I much prefer the smell of burning wood than burning plastic! Peeeyou! Burnt plastic tends to stick around a lot longer too.
Writer - Yeah, I knew that too, but I've had them for over 16 years so I figured what the heck. Same with those cheapo Glad type cartons for leftovers. Cost may not have stopped me from putting them in the dishwasher, but the chance of burning down the house will!