Saturday, May 05, 2012

Progress on the server switch…

Things have begun to change.  I’ve been working with the help desk and so far everything has gone smoother than I expected.

The website has been changed over to the new server.  My pictures and other accessories on the blog are no longer coming from that old computer at my house that I was using as a server. 

Which means that everything will still come through, even if the power goes out at my house.  Phew!

To those of you with email accounts:

1 – I think that the email has been switched over to the new service, you will need to start using the new login page.  You should check the old site once in a while just to make sure no emails wander over there.  If any do show up at the old site – let me know as soon as possible.  I will need to know the time they show and what service they were sent from (gmail, yahoo, hotmail,, etc..) so I can see if there is some correlation.

1.5 – Update – I just got two emails on the new site, but when I sent something from my school email, it went to the old site.  I’ll keep checking and keep you up to date.

2 – It seems, for now, you can send emails from either site, but you should probably stick to sending them from the new one.

3 – Check back here often, I will keep updates on what I see happening and let you know of any problems and/or resolutions.

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