Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Funny Schtuff.

I love it when I win something, even when I didn’t enter any contest.

I immediately opened the attachment, because there is no way it contains a virus.  Not coming from a legitimate company like The Coca Cola Company.  I mean, there’s nothing suspicious about a multi-national company like Coke using a hotmail account, is there?

Then I come home today to get an offer for a great deal on my mortgage.  3.75% is much better than the 3.25% I ‘m paying now, right?

Holy outdated database, Batman!


Lisa Shafer said...

Hey! I got that Coca Cola e-mail yesterday, too! Do you think we BOTH won???

(*insert sarcasm font*)

Max Sartin said...

Cool, we can both retire and move to the Bahamas together!
(Yeah, I know. It would probably be Scotland for you, but that wasn't cliche enough for that comment).