Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Schedule from Heaven.

The master schedule for next year is locked in.  Which means, short of any dire circumstances, all the teachers know what classes they are going to teach and which period.

I couldn’t have asked for a better schedule.  Actually, it’s pretty much the schedule I did ask for.

All 3 math classes are in the morning, when the kids are still relatively fresh, sedate and most inclined to be willing to learn and cooperate.

My 3 keyboarding classes, which is more of an activity based class, are in the afternoon.   A much better class to have after they’ve had a lunch of sugar and caffeine.

Having the math classes all together and the keyboarding classes all together also means that I only have to change classrooms once a day.  This year it was math-keyboarding-math-keyboarding-math, 4 class switches a day.  Bleah!

Bonus points – my prep period is the period lunch is done in.  Which means I get to go to first lunch or second lunch, which ever one I’m in the mood for.  It also means that I have an hour and a half break at once, I could actually go out for lunch once in a while.  Wahoo!


Lisa Shafer said...

My schedule is not yet locked in, but I'll have 4 classes of 7th grade English, one class of basic ESL, and 9GT English. Oh, and a creative writing advisory.
The BEST schedule I ever had was the last year you and I taught together. A-days brought only 2 afternoon classes, and then 4 classes straight through on B-days. That meant that on A-days, I got to work at 7:10 and had until 12:30 to plan and grade. It was AWESOME! I never once got behind or had to work until 6 or 7 all year!

Alexia said...

wow! somebody sure likes you :)

Max Sartin said...

My best schedule ever was my last 2 years at the high school, where I was the STS (school IT guy). My first 2 periods were STS/Prep as needed, and I only had classes in the afternoon, and I got to teach Psychology.

Lisa Shafer said...

Ooh, that last IS good. Hard to top that.
My worst schedule ever was a couple of years before you came to our school -- I think.
We had 7 periods that rotated. Day 1= 1-7. Day 2 =2-7, then 1. Day 3= 3-7, then 1-2. Day 4= 4-7, then 1-3. etc.