Monday, May 07, 2012

Matt Damon ponin’ a noob.

Whenever I go down to Free Wheeler they have some new videos to show me.  Some are downright hilarious, a lot are not something I would put on my blog.  This one (or actually these two that I cut and condensed into one), I just had to share.

I love that last line “Because you were a student there?”

In my opinion, the one attitude that quote is responding to is the kingpin to the problems with Ed Policy these days.  “I was a student for 12 years, I know…”

Unless you worked there as an adult, your view of what went on is through the eyes of a teenager (and younger).   Half the students I’ve taught are amazed when they run into a teacher at the grocery store or a movie.  They don’t think about those things. They don’t think about the time it takes to grade tests, prepare lesson plans or the backroom conversations we have with the administration because we’ve heard or seen something that worries us about the well being of our students.

Would you consider yourself an expert on running that grocery store just because you’ve been going there several times a week for the last couple decades?  Could you write that program you use every day at your job?

I don’t think so.


Lisa Shafer said...

Let's keep going with this: I've taken prescription medications for various illnesses during my life, but that doesn't qualify me to be a pharmacist. I've driven a car for decades, but that doesn't make me a mechanic or an engineer. My brother has a job wherein he travels by plane thousands of miles in a month, but he doesn't know how to fly a plane, nor does he pretend to. I make use of the city sewer system daily, but that doesn't mean I could design or repair one.

Max Sartin said...

Hey, how about:
I watch the TV News every morning, I think I should be able to tell that reporter how to do her job.