Thursday, May 17, 2012


After yesterday’s debacle I was a little bit nervous about how today would pan out.  I imagined all kinds of things that could go wrong, which made my sleep a little bit fitful.

Fortunately, it was all for naught.  The intro played smoothly, the sound came through fine.  I switched over to the live camera and held my breath for the 3 second delay it takes the computer to process the feed and send it out on the network.

Bada-bim, bada boom.  Not the smoothest transition, but it didn’t freeze up and we were live!  The tech kid that was taking these pictures, and the school IT person, ran out to the classrooms nearby and came back with the good news. 

It worked.  Nicely.  And instead of hearing “What happened?” all day long from students and staff, I heard words of congratulations.

The district IT guy came in for a chat during my prep period and during our discussion I found out one of the reasons we had all these problems.  All the other schools that are streaming their announcements are using analog cameras and sending it out regular definition.  Since our principal bought us a new video camera, a hi-definition camera, the district people decided to try sending it out hi-definition.  Which will be really cool once we get all the bugs worked out, but at least it’s working right now.  Yay!

I think I’ll sleep well tonight.


Alexia said...

Phew! Yesterday's post radiated your pain ;)

Max Sartin said...

Hopefully this one did the same with my relief. :) Much relief.

Karen S. said...

Hooray for you Max! I knew you could do it! ...and who better than you could do such a good job of working all the bugs out! Bring in your boys to get the tough bugs, right! Ha! Ha! I'm feeling the pain of being sleep deprived!

Lisa Shafer said...


Max Sartin said...

Thanks all, once we work the bugs out it's going to be fantastic. We were there until 5:00 again tonight, but now the video is smoother and it automatically saves a video file of the whole production for us.
It's only getting better.