Monday, March 12, 2012


As often happens when I’m looking for photos for Carmi’s Thematic Photographic, I start out looking for something specific and stumble across what is even better than I had planned.

Such is the case with my “watery” photos.  I didn’t even know I had these, they were hidden amongst a bunch of pictures I recently scanned of a University of Utah Math Department picnic.

Don’t ask me who they are, I have no idea.  Were they with the Math Department?  Or were they just hanging out at the park and I just happened to capture them?  I can tell you this: the youngest ones are easily in their late 30’s now.

These were taken in 1978 with my first Nikon.  I shot almost entirely in black & white, since the darkroom my father built in the basement was not equipped for color.

Will there ever be a time when kids are no longer enticed to shed their shoes, roll up their pants and play in the water?  I hope not, even in my fifties I can’t resist it.

One thing I can resist, though, is putting my lips on the water fountain.  Ick.

This post brought to you by Carmi and his:

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Lisa Shafer said...

Yeah, but that SHOT of the little girl drinking is fantastic!
Well done.

My writers' game with this photo theme will be up tomorrow morning. Drop by and play along. :)

Bob Scotney said...

Kids take to water like ducks. I've almost forgotten what B&W photos looked like; mine were never, ever as good as these.

Karen S. said...

Gee did you ever do a grand shoot for a day at the park, and who knows they may be out there now with their own children! As for playing in the are so's a forever thing. At lunch today I watched a gent who had to be nearly ninety playing along the shoreline.....just enjoying life!

Little Nell said...

Max these are great shots. The black and white enhances them somehow. They are a reminder of a time past and yet, as you say, children will always delight in these simple pleasures. (I’m with you re the water fountain!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots! Kids and water are so fun :)

Alexia said...

These are SUCH great shots - I haven't liked any b&w photos so much in a long time. Kids, water - fantastic.