Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Veto and ironic label placing.

For all of you that live in Utah and are interested:

Rally at the Utah State Capitol.
5:00PM Tomorrow,
Wednesday March 14, 2012
In the Capitol Rotunda

Education not Ignorance!
Health Education Amendments, or the "Ignorance Only" bill
Join with fellow Utahns--parents, teachers, students, concerned citizens--and tell Governor Herbert to VETO HB363!
The rally will be held at the Capitol rotunda in Salt Lake City at 5:00 P.M. Wednesday, March 14th.
About HB363:
With HB363, Parents will no longer be able to choose if their children receive this important health education. Before HB363 Parents could opt out, something fewer than 3% did, but now, that right is gone and legislature has made that choice for you.
It gives school districts a choice to “opt out” of sex ed altogether, or teach a strict abstinence only curriculum.
Thanks to everyone for all your support!! This petition, your phone calls and emails are a voice that that can not be ignored!!  
Paul Krueger

And now for the lighter side of things – a student of mine showed me this book she checked out of the school library.  I found out that there are rules and regulations on where the numbers and category of a book must be placed when added to the collection.

Sometimes exceptions need to be made.


Lisa Shafer said...

Oh my heck. I've GOT to show this to our librarian!!!
This made my day.

Alexia said...

Sending you support for the Rally!

Funny about the book sticker :)