Sunday, March 25, 2012

A victory for the reasonable.

"GOP extremists lose at their own game" - Paul Rolly, S.L.Tribune 3/25/2012

Yup, the Teabagger's reign of terror is very likely coming to a close. They lost almost a dozen delegates to the Utah Republican Party at the recent caucus.

And it seems that even the L.D.S. Church is sick and tired of them. According to Rolly, part of their defeat was due to the church encouraging their members to attend their local caucus and voice their opinion. Officials even encouraged local wards to cancel any meeting on the day of the Democratic and Republican caucus.

In the past, teabagger power came from dominating the caucus meetings, due to apathy from the general public. Because of this they could hand pick the people that would run in the election, basically giving the general public a choice between Democrat and their ultra-conservative Republican. Other than in Salt Lake City, the Republican wins regardless of how much froth is spewing from his (or rarely her) mouth. Match, set, game.

I never thought I'd ever say this, but I'm glad this means that Orrin Hatch may actually get on the ballot. Couple of years ago the teabaggers prevented Bob Bennett from even getting on the ballot, even though 72% of Utahans supported him.

Loss #2 for the Queen of the Teabaggers, Gayle Ruzicka. HB343 and now the caucuses. She must be tossing and turning all night long wondering how her "Telephone Tree of Terror" could have let her down.


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Lisa Shafer said...

I'm not gonna count my chickens just yet.....