Monday, March 12, 2012

Fifty Grand

As you probably read in my post yesterday, I’ve been really busy this last week.  Which is why I missed this blog hitting the 50,000 pageview mark.

According to the stats, it happened sometime last Thursday.  It was a busy day for my blog, some 165 pages were viewed that day.

To all the people dropping by – Welcome.  Glad you took the time to see what I have going on here.  And a special Welcome Back to all the people who keep coming by to see what I’m up to.   I love reading the comments I get here, so keep them coming, or feel free to say something if you haven’t before.

Welcome all.  Can’t wait for the next 50,000.


Lisa Shafer said...

165? That'd be a pretty big day for me, too. Occasionally, I get linked to some bizarre website and views shoot up into the 300s for no real reason, but I usually get in the 50s for my main blog and in the 70s or 80s for one of the others.

Karen S. said...

Max that is an amazing number, how cool is that! I am one blogger who has helped bring up that number. You are one of my firsts (that I began to follow) and still love to check in on! I so remember the days of 432 views, and thinking this is big stuff! My how we grow in this thing we call ...blogging! I'll see ya in the next 50,000. Wait! I'm already there! ;)

Karen S. said...

Max, I know your last week/weekend was busy, but I really and truly hope you haven't given up on Saturday Centus! It' so cool to have your input in the crazy and delightful, flash fiction of Saturday Centus!

Max Sartin said...

Lisa - My daily average is about 80 page views. Who knows how many different visitors that is because it includes multiple visits and multiple pages viewed, but I'm happy with it.
Karen - I'm glad you're still coming around to visit, I always appreciate the compliments and comments you leave. And I plan on making more attempts at Saturday Centus, especially when something hits me just right and I can come up with good stuff.

Karen S. said...

That is so cool to know! I hope things hit you just right, so you play real soon! Just think if you keep it up you'll really be raking in the hits on your blog! ;)