Thursday, March 01, 2012

Funny Stuff.

Something you never expect to hear in a Faculty Lunchroom:

“When I was with the circus…”

It seems that our music teacher used to be part of the group that played the music for a small circus that did a lot of Shriner’s events.

Questions on one of our science teacher’s tests this week asked about the benefits and drawbacks to sexual and asexual reproduction.  Under the question about the drawbacks of sexual reproduction, one student answered:

“Too much of a hassle.”

If only they can keep that thought until they are at least 21.

In keyboarding class I sometimes play music while they type.   I have a playlist of “school appropriate” songs on my iTunes account for this purpose.  This week a student asked:

“Can you play that ‘Start the fire” song, H heard it in here and said it’s one of his favorite songs now.”

Yes, I’m getting this next generation hooked on Billy Joel.

(Last term another student told me that she was driving with her mom when “Leaving on a Jet Plane” came on and her mom was surprised she knew all the words).

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Lisa Shafer said...

These are great.
The circus? Seriously? That's awesome.