Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Opening Night

Even though we’re already half way through our shows, tonight was really Opening Night, and we’ve got 3 more to go.

The first show was on Tuesday, for the feeder elementary schools.  This afternoon we had a show for our own student body.  Set the whole school off when Danny and SandraDee pulled a real kiss in the last act.  I don’t know if it was spontaneous or if the two had it planned beforehand, but it took everyone, including the drama teacher and the rest of the cast, by surprise.

Then tonight was the first show for the general public.  I got there 45 minutes before start time, and already the lobby was full of people waiting to be seated.

The play went off great, only a few minor glitches, which for a junior high production is perfection.

Exhausted.  Think I’ll go to bed.


Alexia said...

Well done - I know how exhausting it is to be part of a production. Sleep well!

Lisa Shafer said...

Yeah, ours is next week. I get to go through it all then.

Karen S. said...

Oh Max what a lot of work, but oh so worth it! I am a big fan of school productions, and the children do such an outstanding job...they have spirit that never goes away! If Utah was just a short drive from here, I'd for sure be there, standing in line too! You rock Max!

Max Sartin said...

Alexia - Saturday night - that's when I get to sleep again. And thanks, they are exhausting, but quite a lot of fun.
Lisa - Good luck next week. What show are you doing?
Karen - I'll save you a ticket, can you make it to Utah by 7:00 Saturday? Just kidding, but thanks and you're right - their energy is amazing sometimes.

Lisa Shafer said...

You have been tagged with a blog award. C'mon over to my blog and collect it.