Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thank you Gov. Herbert.

It’s “Happy Dance” time.

Today, the citizens of Utah proved me wrong.  Their voice can be louder in the state capitol than that of Gayle The Fail and the Wrinkles Forum.

Governor Herbert proved me wrong.  I honestly didn’t think he would defy the Teabagger Party folks and do what the majority of parents in Utah wanted him to do.

But we are louder and he did listen.  Top of page 1 of the Salt Lake Tribune this morning:

HB363 is dead.  For now at least, but the article did say that it passed with less than the two-thirds majority it would need to override the Gov’s veto, and even some of it’s supporters have backed off since the controversy.  Possible, but not likely.

“Sad day for the children of Utah” my ass, Ms. Ruzicka.  It’s a happy day for all the children whose parents care enough to get proper education on sexuality for them.  Especially for the parents that know they are either not up to date enough to supply it, or they are not the ones their children would feel comfortable asking the hard questions.

Thanks to all the people that called and/or emailed the Governor, good job!  We’ve shown that logical citizens can trump the dreaded Telephone Tree ‘O Terror.


Lisa Shafer said...

Ding, Dong, The witch is dead!

I, like you, am very surprised that the governor risked his sycophantic little rear end to do what was right instead of what he was being pressured to do.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, I truly expected him to take his time and then sign it. Or let it pass into law without his signature with some real lame excuse. Sometimes, being wrong is sweet.

Karen S. said...

BRAVO! I knew those signs and all those wild and enthused people doing their own little dance were bound to make it happen! Someone please tell that woman that it takes less face-muscles if she would smile!