Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scenes from a Chevron station.

Ok, we all know what I think about taggers and graffiti.  But this one seems to know where it belongs.  Or maybe it’s just a case of low self-esteem and he doesn’t feel his tag belongs anywhere better than on the side of a urinal.

Either way, I’d rather look at what goes inside than his tag.

And then there’s the person who did this.

Either they are a total dipstick and didn’t notice the flap with “TRASH” in big letters right above the windshield water, or they are just a big a-hole and thought it would be funny to make it hard for the next person to wash their windshield and eventually give me an opportunity to stick my hand in really cold fluid to clean it out. 

Either way, these people shouldn’t be procreating.


Lisa Shafer said...

They're probably both my former students.

Max Sartin said...


Karen S. said...

They could be one in the same people, who has nothing better to do, then play pranks. Do you have cameras out there, it might be interesting to see just what kind of person can't read the word trash!