Thursday, March 15, 2012


There was an envelope waiting for me when I got to work (at Chevron) this evening.  At first I thought it was a pink slip thanks to some customer that complained about me, but instead it was good news.

I passed a tobacco sting, and Chevron gives out a $100 bonus to everyone when they do that.

Every now and then the Utah Health Department gets a 16 to 18 year old kid to drive around with an adult and go into various stores trying to buy smokes.  If you I.D. the kid and refuse to sell him the tobacco, they give you and send the company a letter congratulating you for refusing to sell to a minor.  If you sell the kid the smokes you get a ticket and both you and the company are fined.  Obviously the company doesn’t like getting the fines (they are in the hundreds, not a buck and a half), so a lot of convenience stores reward their employees that pass.

Now I just have to decide what to do with that cash. (It’s not the lottery, don’t ask for a loan.)


Lisa Shafer said...

However, it's not too surprising that a SCHOOL TEACHER would lay down the law and refuse to sell ciggies to a kid. Duh.
But, then again, you will never in a 100 years get even a 5¢ bonus from the school district for doing your job. Go, you!

PS. Wanna get together and fix up a book cover or two Saturday?

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, this Saturday should work for me.

Karen S. said...

How cool is that! Especially cool is to hear when a company gives something out so fabulous as that! Amazing, pinch me in case this is just a dream! ha ha !
It's really sad about those people of age who buy smokes or beer for minors....But my favorite hobby when my oldest was growing up, (was to hunt those people down)