Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blockin’ up the scenery, breakin’ my mind…

I learned a few things at the rally today.  First was that not all Republicans voted for the idiocy that is HB363.  Second, according to a B.Y.U. survey, 58% of Utahns are either for or strongly for the veto of HB363.  Third, and most important to the discussion, is that only 3% of public school students do not get their permission slips signed and end up missing the Sex-Ed part of their health class.  That means 97% make the conscious choice to have their children educated on the subject of human sexuality.  Consider the part of that 3% of parents and students that never got around to it, lost it or simply forgot to get it signed, and you have a very, very, very small minority that agree with Gayle Ruzicka and her band of merry ostriches.

This is the guy that started the online petition that Governor Herbert calls bogus. (Click any picture to see larger version)

He is also the person that organized this not-so-bogus rally with several hundred real, live people there.

And here are a slew of the signs that I saw there.

And finally, I didn’t see this sign, but I like the box the cardboard came from.


Lisa Shafer said...

All that about the 58% and the 3% has been in the Trib all week.
I love the huggies sign. :)

And did you read today's Trib article about what would change in classes if the bill is not vetoed? Wright, who gave us this lovely bill, gives some real gems of quotes.
Get this: about homosexuality not being allowed to be mentioned in sex ed, we get this beauty:

He said there’s no reason to talk about homosexuality during sex education classes.

"That has nothing to do with health," Wright said. "Homosexuality does not relate to sexuality. It’s a whole different thing."

What the heck?!!! How can homosexuality not relate to sexuality?!!!!
And then he attempts to "be the teacher" with this little tidbit:

"I can write the curriculum really simply," Wright said. "If you’re homosexual you have a high degree of [contracting] some STD. What else do you need to know? What else do I need to teach?"

First off, you MIGHT, Mr. Jerk-Face, realize that promiscuity -- not homosexuality -- is what increases a person's chances of getting STDs. A hetero person who has many partners has a much higher risk of picking up interesting medical issues than does a monogamous homosexual person.
And then, of course, if a person is at high risk, wouldn't the ENTIRE point of educating them be to help them reduce that risk???!!!!
Yeah, buddy, there's quite a bit of teaching that needs to happen here. And that's why you're NOT a teacher, although you seem to think you're God's anointed and call tell the rest of us how to teach.

Oh. Sorry. Was I ranting? Uh. yeah.
Nice rally pics. Glad you went. I couldn't; I had academic team. But I signed the petition and wrote the gov an e-mail. Of course, those won't count because they're -- you know -- digital and stuff, and the gov doesn't think they're real. Maybe if I sent a letter written in ink on parchment.......?

Karen S. said...

I have to say the sign on the Huggies box says it all so perfectly well. The person who made the "I'm so mad I made a sign" goes to show these aren't your everyday people who just love to protest! It was a tremendous turn out and an amazing bunch of bring their passion face to face...hopefully it all makes a difference.

Max Sartin said...

My favorite quote of the week comes from that bastion of reason, Herr Gayle SS Ruzicka.
When asked about the 97% of parents that make the choice to have their kids educated on human sexuality she responded with:
"They wouldn't if they knew what was being taught in those classes."
The implication: Utah parents are either too stupid or too apathetic to know what their kids are being taught.
Further implication: Stupid and/or apathetic parents are ultimately better qualified to teach their kids about sex than a trained educator.
Brilliant logic Ms.Ruz.

Lisa Shafer said...