Thursday, February 10, 2011

It’s gonna be a banner year.

(insert carnival music here) 

De, de, deedle, eedle, eedle, de, de, de, de…

It’s always kind of a circus here in Utah for the 45 days our state legislature is in session, but this seems like a banner year.

I already told you about the Official Handgun for the State of Utah.

I already told you about the desire to prevent the school board from adopting the Common Core Standards because of socialist code words.

I even mentioned a bill that would eliminate the buffer zone around schools to allow people to openly carry guns all the way up to the property line.

Well, yes folks, it gets even better!  First of all, good old Chris Buttars stuck his foot in his mouth once again.  According to Columnist Paul Rolly, Buttars accused the school district I work for of having a socialist agenda. Buttars considers being a member of the Utah Education Association (UEA) makes you a socialist, and since “100 percent of Granite’s school board are members of the Utah Education Association”, that makes them all socialists.  Facts?  We don’ need no stinkin’ facts!  According to one of the two Board Members that I drove in the 4th of July parade, she is the only person on the board who belongs to the UEA.  In a letter to the editor, she goes on to say that she has never met with Sen. Buttars and never even seen him at a school board meeting, so she isn’t even sure how he would know if they were socialists or even pushing a socialist agenda.  Once again he proves that he has no idea that what he says in public should have some relevance to reality.

And finally, and this is a big finally, Rep. Curt Oda is trying to pass a bill that would allow citizens to shoot wild cats on sight.  Say that again?  Ok, “shoot feral cats on sight”.  Fortunately the House committee in charge of the bill altered it a bit, making it so that you have to be in fear of injury or death to shoot the cat, but Oda was a bit ticked with that.  He’s worried that “anyone who legitimately shoots a feral animal will still be subject to potentially severe penalties.”  This, rather than calling the people that will capture, neuter and release the animals, is much better?  Open season on any cat running around outside?  Makes me want to rethink letting any cats I get (and have neutered, always have them fixed) roam outside.

And you thought Halloween was the scary season.


A Paperback Writer said...

I don't care if anyone shoots stray cats -- as long as they actually hit the cats and not something else. Pity I can't shoot my neighbors' dogs and get away with it.
Come to think of it, I know a couple of cats I'd like to shoot as well.
Of course, I'd have to use a slingshot because I'm one of the 10 people in Utah that does not own a gun.

Karen S. said...

Oh my have they ever gone over board and in so many mixed directions... who are these people or rather what planet did they come from. BTW love the clown face...very gooky....I'm not sure that I'm even sane enough to reply to the cat shooting affair...what a mass chaos that could's all very sad and I sure hope things can get turned around for you all ....before something horrible happens.