Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spirit week at the Junior High

And spirits are high.  They’ve been hyper and preoccupied, but it’s still been fun at times. 
Tuesday was “Pajama Day”.   A bunch of teenagers roaming around in onsies, or as I remember them being called “Dr. Denton’s”
Wednesday was “Twin Day” where you are supposed to get a friend and dress alike.  There were a few sets of “Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, …”, but the most creative was the kid who came with a hand mirror.  Whenever someone asked where his twin was, he’d hold it up next to his face and say “There.”
Today was “Retro Day”, and although the 80’s seemed to be highly favored, there were a few good hippies.  From these two, who just ached for a photoshopped background, (No, that’s not Marsha Brady in the foreground). to this “Power to the Math” silhouette: And we have to go back to the 50’s for this authentic looking greaser:
And finally, a couple of funny things kids said:
My starter exercise for Tuesday was a list of things I wanted to remind students of, there were no math problems at all.  About half way through the 5 minutes they get to do the starter a student in the back raised his hand.  When I called on him he told me “when I put #3 into my calculator I keep getting an error message.”  Not only was it witty and unexpected, even funnier was the two or three students who voiced honest confusion as to why he was even using the calculator.
Today on the announcements they reminded students that swearing was not allowed in class, and that since we were starting to have real problems with this, the administration was going to crack down on it.  This started a conversation about Freedom of Speech, and how it’s never been absolute (the kids actually first voiced that).  During the conversation, one student misunderstood me when I said “Constitutional Rights” and asked what the conversation had to do with “constipational plight”.  I don’t care if she was kidding or serious, that’s a funny play on words.


A Paperback Writer said...

Love the kid on the right in the woodstock poster. (Nice photoshopping, by the way.)
Also love the 50s kid. Pity you couldn't show a little more face.

Things have not gone so well for me this week.

Karen S. said...

she was very funny indeed...I just loved those kinds of days..even with my own kids and their twin-day or's fun....and the PJ thing...these days you can find them everywhere...the grocery store...the gas station, Target, dining, concerts...crazy....!

Max said...

Well, I had permission from the Woodstock kids to use their picture, I even told them I was going to photoshop them into Woodstock. I didn't get a chance to ask the 50's kid, so I decided it would be best to blur out his face.