Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And the saga continues.

You may remember my saga about the stolen phone (What the…).  Well, that wasn’t the end of it.  Seems I had forgotten to return her coffee cup and 4 orange cones and it seems she got tired of waiting.
I was making copies on the Riso machine, an old high-speed copier, when the PE teacher involved came in.  She had some copies to make and waited for me to get done.  I got my copies, took them into the other room to cut them in half on the big cutter and on my way back to my room went past the Riso.  PE teacher immediately stood in between me and what she was copying, trying to be subtle, but making it obvious that I wasn’t supposed to see what she was doing.  I went to look, and then it was obvious, she wouldn’t let me see.  Fine.  I left the room and waited for her to leave.  See, this machine is so old that it makes a master of what you are copying and I knew that if she didn’t copy something else that master would still be in the machine.
She left, I went in, put in my copy number and proceeded to make 1 copy from what was left there.  This is what I got:Another teacher that was in there said that she had made a bunch of copies and had planned to hang them up all over the school tomorrow.  Cool, that gives me some time to come up with a plan.  Which I did.  I was preparing a school wide email warning everyone of the fraud the was going to be perpetrated on them, letting them know that the “reward” would be offered payable directly into their bank account and that any information given would be used to clean out their accounts.  A student came in with one of the fliers, they had already been put up all over the school.  Plan “A” foiled, but this student, we’ll call him Creeper (some of you in Utah may be able to figure out his real name from this), offered to split any reward he got from the PE teacher with me if I’d give him the stolen items.  I gave him the cones, told him to tell her that he wanted half of the reward and then he would get the coffee cup for her.  Bingo!  Four bags of those little fruit chews, 2 for him, 2 for me.  So I gave him the cup, he got the rest of the reward, a bottle of Gatorade which I let him keep.
Now, this was before lunch, so all through lunch duty I had kids coming up to me saying that I was wanted (my response was “Yeah, I know [PE teacher] wants me”), or under citizens arrest.  To my benefit, the regular school cop was out sick so we had a replacement, who (unlike Johnny) wasn’t into going along with the joke.   I joke around all the time with Johnny, so he might have actually handcuffed me right there in the lunchroom when the kids turned me in.  That would have been funny, the PE teacher would have got a real kick out of it, so to me it’s even funnier she picked the wrong day.
Anyway, I’m still plotting my revenge.  Stay tuned.


A Paperback Writer said...

See if you can get an administrator to "fine" the PE teacher for wasting copies. :)

Nikita said...

YOu know she just wants a date :)

Karen S. said...

Funny stuff Max! Luck was on your side here...but she's probably not to be stay alert!!! ;)

Alexia said...

Very funny !!
keep us up to date with your next move :)

(apprend? PE teachers are the same all over, I guess....)

Please note: the above comment is intended to be a joke, and is not intended to upset any passing PE teachet or their ilk.

Karen S. said...

Yeah I have to agree...maybe you should ask her some crazy kind of only way Max could! Let us know what happens too!