Sunday, February 13, 2011

I nose how

to tell the two cats apart now.  It’s in the nose.  Denny has a lot of black in his nose, Alan’s nose is entirely pink except for the edges.  There’s probably other things I’ll notice along the way, but at least for now I have a way. 
Now, personality wise there are big differences.  Alan likes to lay around, is happy being petted but just as willing to just lie at my feet or on my lap.  Denny on the other hand, will follow me around the house trying to get my attention.  This morning while I was making coffee and breakfast he literally climbed me a couple times.  Which isn’t fun since I was wearing my sleeping shorts and a light shirt.  Gonna have to break him of that habit.  They’re already getting the hint that the dining room table is off limits, so I figure they’ll just have to learn what is allowed and what isn’t.
I was afraid that they were going to keep me up all night with their meowing, but after about 10 minutes of trying to get my attention at my bedroom door, they figured out that I was down for the evening and just went about their own business.  Which is good, because I can’t sleep with cats on my bed, I move around too much and feel confined when something I can squish is right there next to me.
It’s going to be an interesting ride for the next few months.


A Paperback Writer said...

Congratulations to the new daddy. Sorry to hear your new babies are keeping you up at night. ;)

(This is one reason why I prefer not to own animals.)

Karen S. said...

I do believe that daddy is already hooked! May the fun begin!

Karen S. said...

Those faces are just too darn cute!

Max said...

Yeah, I kinda got attached to them already, cute little guys. Fortunately they only bug me at night for a few minutes, then they seem to get the hint, so it's not really a problem. And I figure they will eventually get tired of sitting at the door for even a few minutes meowing with no result.

Karen S. said...

you leave them sitting at the door? ...when they look so cute to cuddle?! :)