Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What the ….?

Friday when I had a substitute, one of the P.E. teachers came into my room to steal one of my staplers.  She couldn’t find one, so instead she took the red rotary phone I’ve had since high-school.
I came to school Monday and on my notes from the substitute it said something about “someone in authority came and took your red phone.”  While I was still trying to figure out who would have taken the thing, a ransom note came letting me know they had it and that their demands would be made to me tomorrow during my prep period.  By lunch the kid-net had informed me who had taken it, so I took that prep period to sneak down into the gym and take my own hostages.
Now, it seems that my red phone meant a lot more to me than those orange cones meant to her, so I was still forced to go through a series of tests to prove my worthiness to get my phone back.  Things like sing “Happy Wednesday to you” to one of the office secretaries, do the fashion-show walk for the fashion class, say “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood” in front of an English class and a few other things that I think I have subconsciously blocked.  Finally I was led to the P.E. teacher’s 7th grade  daughter’s locker, with combination in hand, where the phone was stashed.
Oh, did I mention that one of the Journalism students followed us through this whole ordeal, with a video camera?  Yeah, I fully expect some of it to show up on the morning announcements tomorrow.  It was quite amusing, but I have to admit I was getting a little testy after the 10th thing I had to do.
Well, just as I’d gotten home and over the trauma of the whole ordeal, I open up my email and this comes through:
Subject: phone finding…
So, just how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, anyway?  :)
from Writer herself.  For those of you who are not aware, Writer and I taught at the same school for four years.  For me that was 3 schools and 6 years ago.  First thing through my mind was “How the hell did she find out?  Half way across the valley in a different school?”  I’m guessing that somewhere at some sort of English thing, she met up with the English teacher who was assigned to have me recite the woodchuck thing for her kids (3 times she said “Say it faster!”  And I thought we were friends!)
Anyway, thanks for bringing it right back into the forefront of my mind, Writer.  :)


A Paperback Writer said...

*evil chuckle*
I went to a GT meeting at the district today, had a chat with the English teacher, mentioned your name, and she told me the tale.
I couldn't resist.
You know I'd have been right there giving you some other dang thing to do if I'd been at that school. :)

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, and you're welcome. :)

Karen S. said...

Well once I pick myself up off the floor and the out of control fits of extreme laughter end, I'll say something, if I can see through my tears of laughing far too hard, may I mention they could have made you recite, Peter picked a peck of well you know that ones really bad! Great fun you have Max, great fun! ;)

Max said...

Writer - Absolutely, I know you would have gladly added to my embarrassment. Just know that I would do the same for you :)
Karen - Yeah, that Peter one could be bad in front of a group of jr high kids.

Carmi said...

In the age of social media, news travels incredibly fast. I'm surprised no one tossed it up on YouTube and flogged it on Twitter and Facebook.

We truly live in a new age. But old rotary phones still rock way beyond words.

Max said...

Ahhh, if I still had a land line that rotary phone would still be in use. And a student has posted a video with me in it on YouTube, although I can't remember how to find it.