Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mountains, fog and snow. Oh, My!

Despite being brothers, sometimes it amazes me how much we think alike.  Mr. Gearhead posted a couple of sets (1,2) of pictures he took this last week of the mountains surrounding our city.  I had planned a similar set of posts, completely oblivious to his, which I put off because I wanted to get the pictures of our trip up to the land posted.  Well, he may have beat me to the punch, but that ain’t gonna stop me from adding mine to the mix.  This time, though, I’m going to save you the long download time and put them in a photo album instead of on here.  Except for these few teasers, of course.  

Fog on the foothills above the This is the Place Monument Park.

Fog or rain/snow falling on the hillside at the mouth of Emigration Canyon.

Windy snow field on Mt. Olympus.

That’s not a cloud, that’s some of the “Greatest Snow on Earth” being blown off the mountain top.


A Paperback Writer said...

Stunning. Really. :)

Karen S. said...

Absolutely...breath...taking, and I wish all my snow was up there with the greatest snow on earth...I'm almost beginning to fear spring, (thank you Mr. Groundhog) and the tremendous thaw and melting....melting...melting

Carmi said...

The power of nature never fails to blow me away. These are absolutely awe-inspiring. I need to move somewhere closer to mountains. They recharge the soul, don't they?

Max said...

Having spent my first 14 years in a place where the world ended at the turn of the road, I love the mountains. One of the things that keeps me here in Utah. Down in the valley you can always see the mountains surrounding you and up in the foothills the whole valley is spread out before you.