Saturday, February 12, 2011

Strange Stranger

I’ve posted this picture on here before, but it fits the theme on a couple of levels so well that I just have to re-post it.

I took this picture back in June of 2010, one day while at work at the Chevron.  It is not doctored at all, this person really showed up on a mint green scooter, in the middle of summer, dressed like sasquatch.  I can’t even tell you whether it was male or female, sasquatch used a credit card out at the pump and never came in.

Now, here is the doctored photo I made up for the new advertising campaign for Chevron.  I gave a copy to the manager, but still haven’t heard back on whether or not they are going to go with the campaign.


Karen S. said...

Oh this is too much! Love it...and it's not even around Halloween...gee would I love to know what this person was up to! Great advertising too....very cool Max!

Max said...

I, too, still wonder what they were up to. Costume Party? In June? Maybe they were the entertainment at a child's birthday party? You'd think that if it were a clown or magician, not Sasquatch. I know, Chewbacca for a Star Wars convention. But you'd think I would have heard about it.
Probably never know.

Gilly's Camera said...

oh my, what's the story here?

lovely, made me chuckle!

Karen S. said...

You see the curious nature that lives inside of me might just go up and ask, what's going on with you, but then common stupid good sense arrives and warns there are a lot of weird people and Sasquatches running I would still be in the dark, darn it!